Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The New Oldest Profession?

The owners of a site called have bought space on a man's arm for $500. They have tattooed him with the name of their site as a kind of advertisement. The man, Joe Tamargo is the CEO of a company he calls LivingAdSpace.Com, and he has five more spots on his body up for sale on eBay. No, actually, four, I think, because one has just been sold to, a group of people who want the president to pardon Martha Stewart when she gets out of jail.


Selling bits of your skin for cash-what does one think of this? Tamargo, for one, obviously, thinks it's great. He told Newsday recently:

"You'll see, this is going to catch on. There are tons of people who will want to do it."

Tons? I feel this is probably one trend that is over before it starts. Then again, people will do anything for money, right?

The people at agree: "We think Joe may just the first of many. Would you be willing to get a tattoo for Martha?"


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