Thursday, January 20, 2005

Making the Day So Much Finer

This day has taken a real upswing. Beginning with the lowest low point, the inaugurblech all day, then slipping on iced over, burned up comics in a burned down house for a story, to the fine photograph of my friend's ass I dare not publish here! For fear of reprisal. Lady Fab, you win ultimate points and respect for the beauty of the photo as well as for the unabashed sharing of the beauty.

(For those who are not LF, there was a reason she showed it to me that has to do with weird pornographic standards of prudish freaks.)

(For those who are LF, thanks for making my day!)

Wait, this just in...
From an IM conversation that popped up while I was finishing this entry:

[Friend seemed distracted earlier, here is her reasoning. I will call her Bella.]
Bella says: hey
Bella says: sorry
Bella says: my friend was sending me pictures of boobs. it was distracting.
Bella says: i became like a deer in headlights

Seems like everybody's day is looking up, doesn't it?


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