Monday, April 07, 2008


A morning of congestion in which I will attempt to link various items.


Because I can’t seem to get the words.

Speaking of words, have you seen the Red Hook sign in red lights? Probably not. I hadn’t either. But I did after biking over to that neighborhood, getting lost in the wasteland of cobblestone streets, construction sites, and the insanity of the blue-and-yellow Ikea building, eventually ending up in a quiet house made loud with a cigarette, a glass of cotes du rhone, a book, a Hall of Endless Learning, a naked lady on a wall, a naked outline on a rug, a tour around a wooden jungle gym and a series of attempts to go eat.

The sign sticks in the mind.


In other news, two doth not make a trend. Two hundred and nineteen doth.


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