Thursday, January 18, 2007


So I'm just here to perpetuate the use of the word "redonkulous," which was sent to me by one of my favorite women friends, who has a brain like a dense tree. You know, like, one with leaves and branches and knots and nuts 'n' shit. Blocks out the sun. Anyway, she wrote it in an e-mail about a class in college that encapsulated what I've always referred to generically as "Imagining the Gender of the Other as Difference" or some such crotch-scratching crud.

Here's what I learned from the Urban Dictionary:

re.donk'u.lous adj.

1. significantly more absurd than ridiculous to an almost impossible extreme; without possibility of serious consideration.

2. fitted to excite absolute ridicule; intentionally crazy and silly; completely absurd and laughable.

"redonkulous" - as first popularized by the fictional character Seth Cohen on FOX's The O.C.

George W. Bush is the most redonkulous person in the world.

The first Bush administration was ridiculous. This second one is just redonkulous.

That was the funniest movie I've seen. It was consistently redonkulous. Absolutely hilarious!



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