Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Weather Underground: New York, New York Forecast

Poor Non Sequitur. Her blog broke. Witness:

Non sequitur says: my blog broke.
Non sequitur says: its like a body part.
Non sequitur says: i tried to link your site and it went crazy on me.
Mcbickle says: what'd you do?
Non sequitur says: i don't know, its broke
Mcbickle says: broke HOW?


Mcbickle: on the lighter side, i am looking at a weather forecast, and it says this: It is not out of the question for a rumble of thunder and a brief heavier period of rain during this time.
Non sequitur says: thats the most wonderful thing i have ever read.

[Non sequitur seems momentarily cheered. A moment passes. She relapses.]

Non sequitur says: please put it on your blog.
Non sequitur says: since you have one.
Non sequitur says: and its not BROKE.

[Non Sequitur disappears for an unknown period into the ether. We wait.]


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