Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Perils of Reading Online News Are Multiple

McBickle: Check out CNN’s homepage. This is the first time I ever thought Obama was seriously HOT.

Ladyfriend: Um, YEA.

McBickle: That photo just turned me on. Damn. Like, super-mega hot. Not just presidential-candidate hot.

Ladyfriend: Right, no, he has moments of extreme hotness.

McBickle: I finally see this.

Ladyfriend: Hold on, I’ll one-up you.

McBickle: OK, but EW:

Ladyfriend: Thanks for killing my hard-on.

McBickle: Oh no. Sorry, man.

Ladyfriend: My girl hard-on, that is.

McBickle: Check.

Ladyfriend: It’s cool. Just, EW.

McBickle: Yeah, EW.


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